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About Us
Bloodthirsty Immortal Outcasts is a guild for Guild Wars 2 that refuses to focus on any one aspect of the game. We will be playing to its absolute fullest, having major influence in all areas of our world. We also have a clan in Guild Wars known as Bring It On. Our guild will push progressively through PVE content, and intends on being a force to be reckoned with in WvW.

We are an 18+ only guild although special exceptions can be made for younger but more mature members. We do not and will not tolerate immaturity or people that are not willing to contribute something to the guild. The entire point of being in a guild is to play as a group- to be part of something bigger than yourself! We strive to make sure everyone has a place in everything we do and that no one has to worry about the guild not doing its part organizing events and staying active. We are a NA guild, however, there are a lot of us that tend to be online at any one time. EU and Oceanic players are always welcome!

On a last note, we make use of a varied officer system that allows us to accomplish all the things we intend to do. We have a Leader, Co-Leader, and will also have 3 WvW Officers, 2 PvE Officers, and a single Structured PvP Officer. Making use of this system, we can ensure that if our guild members want to do something they can just talk to the corresponding officer who can organize an event to do! Now, remember, all of our officer slots are not yet filled, so if you think you've got what it takes to lead the Bloodthirsty Immortal Outcasts into battle, feel free to come apply!